Elisabeth Coudoux



"Elisabeth Coudoux showing off her own distinct voice on cello on some poems. She tells her own stories—or her own story, in the sense that every improviser’s personal style betrays the life experience behind it. From her sheer technique, you’d correctly surmise long classical training. But she also shows a readiness to go her own way(s)."


"The album some poems is filled with vital, varied, virtuosic, fresh-sounding abstract music."

-- Kevin Whitehead, author of Why Jazz? A Concise Guide (Oxford)/Warum Jazz?: 111 gute Gründe (Reclam)


"Some poems about a sad and beautiful world - Elisabeth Coudoux  mesmerizes You while listening to the growls and grooves, to warm espressivo and crystal-clear harmonics of her cello. Free form poetry in music at it's best. This is the first solo recording of the young Cologne-based player, let's hope for more to come!"   -- Dieter Manderscheid


"some poems" - coming out soon at LEO Records


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